Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Will I keep up???

Project 366 and I am already 17 days behind...well I will say 15 since I took two in one day and one another.  ;)  I am not sure I will be true to this or not...but why goes....deep breath as I dive in. 

Just a touch of the chaos I am in.

Ryan dances to Just Dance 3 on the Wii

A very nice (and much needed) haircut!

To be continued?


Christina Lee said...

Well hello there-- forgot about this bloggy over here!! :D

Emmy said...

Yea!! Glad you are going to try and do this. You can do it!! Some people even just post once a week- so all of their pictures on Friday or something if that is easier

Emmy said...

And how the heck was I not officially following this blog?? I fixed that

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go for it!

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