Friday, January 27, 2012

I have lots of pictures!!!

It's been a long time since I last posted...but I have lots of pictures to post.  So I have been taking pictures...just not posting them.  Ooops. In no particular order, because let's face it, we are my pics for project 366(and maybe even) a brief explanation!

About a year ago, we took in a stray...not the blond, the cat.  We've had the blond almost 15 years now.  ;) Anyway, she thought it would be fun to pose again with her baby--who has adopted me-- to show his growth.  I thought that was a great idea...
He's about twice his size as when we took him in.  He is feisty and quite psycho. In other words:  he fits right in.

What I thought was a big screw killing my tire, was actually a spark plug.
That changed my whole day plan.  But aside from a new tire...I got new shoes..  Too bad these weren't them.

I also wanted to show off a beautiful gift my brother had done for us.  I will honestly say I got more out of watching him as we opened it and oohed and ahhed over it--though it is beautiful--but the look on his face could not be put into words.

This artist rendering came from one of our wedding pictures.  It is a 16 x20.  We do not even have a large photo.  So this is a nice addition to our home. 

Emily made honor roll.  And we all could not be prouder.  Rich and I used to joke when we would see those bumper know the ones, "My child is an honor roll student..."  And laughed really hard at the one that said, "My kid beat up your honor roll kid!"  And added we would be THOSE parents.  We are not.  We now have TWO honor roll kids!  And yes, we are proud. 


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