Saturday, January 21, 2012

Frogs, boots, and silly cats

Over the past couple of days, I have taken some pictures for the blog yes.  With my phone.  Better than nothing.  The goal here is to use the good camera.  I digress. 

 I saw this big frog at Target on Friday night.  It was in a "go back" cart.  For 18 years now we have been giving my mom frogs.  All because her first year in her new home, it rained.  A lot.  Her backyard turned into a pond.  And she got frogs.  Lots.  So we started giving her frogs.  This guy is too big for her house.  But I had to send her a pic!

During that same trip, I wanted to look at shoes.  For fun.  I love shoes.  However cute shoes in my size are hard to come by.  It just so happened that they were having a sale.  50 and 70% off thank you very much.  So when I found these beauties in my size for $12, I grabbed them up.  Mine.  They were originally $35.  I bought other things and still spent less than the original cost!

Our gross silly cat got into his litter box after I had cleaned it.  I thought he was going to go potty.  Nope.  He decided to take a "litter" bath.  He rolled around in it the way he would if he was outside in the dirt.  Silly beast.


Emmy said...

That frog is cute! But yes very big. And those boots are so so cute and that price is amazing!!! I want some boots like that! My tall ones are brown, I need some tall black ones

MiMi said...

Those boots are SASSY!