Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Mugs

I had so much fun last week with Monday Mugs, that I wanted to do it again.  Lucky me the challenge was cell phones.  I say lucky because we went to a birthday party this weekend for the daughter of a friend from Rich's work.  I chose not to bring my camera.  Well it wasn't MY party.  Besides, that is why we have cell phones right?  To take pictures.  This party was for a three year old.  As in she turned three.  Part of the party included a bouncy house.  


It took him almost an hour and a half, but Ryan finally warmed up enough to go and play in the house.  Surprisingly, when the Dad of the girl summoned all the kids to pile in for a picture, Ryan stayed!  Yay!  All in all it was lots of fun.  Even for Ryan.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sweets From My Sweet

I wanted to share how I was treated on a day we mostly scoff at in our house....

First, these were delivered.....

This came on Valentine's Day....Then the next night....
Chocolate covered strawberries!!! Yum. Yeah that top left one already has a bite taken out of it.
This is the largest strawberry in a half cup measuring cup
And the smallest also in a 1/2 cup.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sweet Stuff

My daughter is starting her own meme with photos.  And being the good mother I am I am going to support her!

How sweet is he?
More sweetness
Sweetness in the most sweetest sis with all her babies!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Today I am participating in Monday Mugs over at Oswald Cuties.  Each Monday she gives a theme to follow.  The really cool part is you don't have to be a pro or even have a fancy schmancy camera.  Just take a picture based on the theme, post it and link up.  I was starting to chicken out thinking I am not good enough, but how else will I learn if I don't challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone?  So here I go...taking a few baby steps out of my comfort zone.

This one started out as her whole face, once I got it in PSP I liked more than I did when I saw it on the LCD screen.  Never delete a picture until you are sure. (Thanks Emmy!)  I cropped it is all.  
This one actually had Kristin in the shot on the car as well the in the window.  I chose to crop her actual body out because it was just the bottom half and I didn't like the way it looked.  This makes it more interesting to me.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Brand New

New hair, new clothes, new me.