Friday, March 18, 2011

Light Room

Thanks to an awesome post with a tutorial by EmmyMom, I was able to do some new and different things with lightroom I hadn't known about before.  If you have it, check out her tut here.  If you do not, you can download the free version for 30 days here.

Taken By Kristin
edited by me
I took this one two years ago.  This is SOOC

Thanks again, Emmy for the great tutorial.


Emmy said...

Oh love that last one, it's so Moody and edgy yet almost calm at the same time. Great edit of Ryan too, good crop to get put the distractions.

Thanks for the plug :)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Great pictures! I especially like the look of the last one. Very cool.

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Really good photos!! And love the photo in your header too!