Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Site Seeing

We went a lot of different places over the summer.  We went to the beach, Idllywild, and Indio.  Along the way I saw things that I found interesting and took pictures.  This time on the way home from Indio, which really has a whole lot of nothing, I still managed to take a few pictures.

Trees that look like the victims of a fire
Windmills...there were countless many.  To tour them was $30 a piece.
A train for Ryan...he was asleep at the time and missed it.


Emmy said...

$30! That is insane. Awesome shots! Did you stop and take them or just shoot on the way?

Jenny said...

These are great photos!!!!

That is a lot for a windmill tour - there are so many of them along that stretch of highway in Indio!!!

Richard said...

Emmy, I was driving home when these were taken. I was the passenger on the way there and Lourie wanted pictures on the way back.

KK said...

Cool pics!