Monday, August 16, 2010

What a Week!

Last week was an eventful week to say the least!  School was starting and I had to scramble to get Ryan all set for KINDERGARTEN!?  He really likes it so far, but kindergarten can be exhausting.

 This happened more than once!

Before school started, not only did I have to deal with doctors, labs, shots and teaching my 4 year old to pee in a cup, I also promised Kristin a haircut.  Emily decided she didn't need one.  Which, really she didn't.  So, good for her!

 She wanted a whole new look...
 I like it!

So this past weekend, we went in to Old Town to the Farmer's Market.  I thought I would be so smart and bring my camera.  Because you just never know!  Well a fat load of good it did me sitting in the car!  Oh well, that is what phones are for.

  Fonzie the Pony.  Ryan wanted NOTHING to do with him.  Kristin on the other hand, was happy to pet and talk to him.  Emily petted him a little but otherwise kept a safe distance.
 We visited cousin Nicole who works in Old Town.  Here she is at the boutique she manages taking care of the boss's dog.  Multi-tasking!


Emmy said...

Kristen's hair does look so cute. Poor Ryan, I bet he will adjust and not be so sleepy eventually.

NENSA MOON said...

Hehehe...t I think his little guy has a habit sleeping tightly in the car..
cutie sleep!!
Her sister looked so pretty with her new hair style...
Sound like a very happy day.
Thanks for sharing teh story and pictures.
xoxo nensa

KK said...

Love her hair!