Monday, August 2, 2010


This past week we went to Idllywild.  Rich had jury duty so he couldn't go.  Having never been we had no idea or plan of what to expect and do.  Iddlywild, it turns out is actually quite large and would require a plan and possibly a few days of stay to get through it all.

The first thing we did when we got there was eat.

Once our bellies were full, it was time to guess figure out what we would do next.

picture taking is a good time waster.  

My niece was able to come with us.  That was a treat.

This little gal was standing tall and proud by herself.

Ryan wasn't willing to sit on the tree stump, but he could "totally" stand on it.

Ryan liked this art picture.  

There was a store called "The World Store" and in that store, everything came from within the earth.  Things like these lovely geodes.

 The kids formed "The Stick Band"

For whatever reason, I was totally amused by this pint sized fire hydrant.  I think it is made special for pint sized dogs.

On our way up the mountain, we saw a most interesting tree.  It was dead for one thing.  But it looked like a bird or something....okay a great big pre historic bird, but a bird.  I took two pictures on our way back down the mountain.  I liked them both, and then did some tweaking.  I am not sure
 which I like better so I will post both.



Emmy said...

Great pictures. Glad you had fun

Bossy Betty said...

GreatI I have always wanted to go there. Looks like fun!

NENSA MOON said...

Hello Lourie,
Just found your site...
Love all those pics above..
sound like you have a wonderful trip and lot of fun.
Thanks for sharing.

have a nice day

Jenny said...

Love it - the pint size hydrant for pint sized dogs made me laugh hysterically!!!

That tree photograph is really cool - I love interesting trees!!

Thanks for sharing your adventure!!