Monday, July 19, 2010

The Weekend

When it is too hot too sleep in your room, what do you do?
Camp out in the family room!

What do you do when it's a beautiful summer day?

Yeah it was a busy full day!  But still lots of fun.

Kristin had fun riding the waves

For the most part!

Emily thought about it.

Ryan was not keen about the big beach water.  In his defense, the waves were big! Especially to a 4 year old.

This is MY wave.  It was coming right at me.  I was in the water up to the tops of my legs(about 3 and a half feet)

Okay have you heard of People of Wal-Mart?  Well between my mean girl brutally honest attitude and my niece we came up with "People of the Beach!"

There are those who CAN (this is my niece)

And there are those who can NOT!


Emmy said...

Okay the cannot could be a man from the yeah definitely cannot

Bossy Betty said...

Gotta love summer!

KK said...

What fun!