Thursday, July 15, 2010


I was introduced to a very nice gal who lives in a gated community.  She has told me that any time I want to come swimming all I have to do is call.  I am not one to jump on these invites, because I feel funny about it.  But something in her manner told me otherwise.  So I took her up on her offer, and took the kids swimming.  I forgot my camera again!  Cell phones are cameras too!

Kristin is no longer a guppy.  She is a dolphin!

A guppy now, but soon Ryan will reach dolphin status!

I am assuming this worked!  It's really bad because it was with my phone...Emily is now a gold fish as she quickly goes (almost) all the way under!


Jenny said...

This was a really sweet post!!!

Emmy said...

Oh how lucky! Especially with how hot it has been.

KK said...

How fun!