Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Fun

This weekend I had a houseful!  We had 20 people in our house.  We such party animals!  Seriously we had family visiting from out of state.  Everyone in my house was family and the scary part is, it was only a fraction of us.  We would need to rent a hall!  All of those people, and not one picture!  My camera sat like a lame duck in the corner.  It didn't take one picture!  However, I did get some other pictures of our weekend.

Friday was Apples to Apples
Saturday before family started to arrive, I asked my husband to buy me a "ridiculously large" Diet Coke.  He did.
64 ounces!  No, I was not able to drink it all.  I wanted to blink.
And today the kids had jacuzzi fun.  We finally got it looking normal again.


Emmy said...

Well I didn't even bring my camera. It was a great dinner

KK said...

Good times

Bossy Betty said...

Love it! Sounds like my kind of weekend!