Monday, July 12, 2010

A New Obsession

I have tons of pictures I have yet to share.  I keep thinking I will do it.  But then I forget.  Well, I have been playing with my Paint Shop Pro X.  And let me tell you, I think I have found a new obsession.  I also downloaded the free trial version of lightroom.  I like it, but there are a few things that have me scratching my head. are some products of my editing.

These were taken at an Arboretum near us with this interesting maze and sculptures.

Want to see that closer?
A few more before we head to the beach...

I usually am not a fan of soft focus, but I thought it looked cool here.

Now for the beach...original shot and edited.
It was overcast and super cold that day.  69* was the high!
and yet, they still went in the water.  That is Emily there defying that wave!!Way to go Little Middle!
What a ham!

Ryan had no desire whatsoever to go in the water.  Smart.

More to come!


Emmy said...

Great pictures! The one of Emily in the water is great! Love the reflections. On Thursday I can show you how lightroom works

KK said...

Good job. I wish I could figure out Photoshop. Maybe I need lightroom instead.

emilyshomepage said...

I love it! I wish I had Photoshop so yeah. I might make a new post. and I said MIGHT. Not saying I will but I might. Before we went to the beach, we stopped at park benches to eat lunch. Ryan was playing on play stuff. That little ham! I don't even know if he ate lunch. Today, I was eating marshmellows and I stole one of Ryan's when he was in the bathroom