Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spirit Week

Last week, Kristin's school spent a week having themes to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness month.  She was excited not only to participate in the silly themes, but also to buy the beaded pink necklaces which the proceeds would go to breast cancer research.  I love to see her get excited about things like this.  I also love to see her willingness to play along.

Crazy Socks Day
Crazy Miss Match Day
Crazy Hair Day

Not to be upstaged by her big sister, but also not having a spirit week...yet... Emily wanted her turn in the spotlight...
Not crazy...but definitely cute.

Kindergarten kids get to have a theme every Friday this month.  The first was Sports Day.  Last Friday it was Cowboy day!
Oh I can hardly wait for Pirate Day!!!


Emmy said...

Kristen's hair is awesome! She should do it like that again

NENSA MOON said...

You're really blessed to have a beautiful and samrt kids like them...

more blessing to you, my friend!