Monday, October 25, 2010

Scavenger Hunts

Friday Kristin had her friend "Mo" over to spend the night.  It's been an age since she has had a sleep over so she was due.  While I don't remember my mom, forget my Dad ever entertaining me and my friends, I always wonder what I am supposed to do to entertain.

As luck would have it, Kristin did a scavenger hunt with the youth earlier in the week.  It was at the mall.  The kids had to find and do various things.  One was to find a modest outfit and try it on.  They documented their finds with their cell phones. So it was her suggestion to do a family scavenger hunt at Target.  Say it with me now:  Tarjay!  Very good.  Rich was teamed with Emily and Ryan and I was saddled with the tenny twins.  I was smart and made the lists short.  This was a good thing since we were running all over the store.  I was huffing and puffing.  Both teams finished within seconds of each other...or it was a tie.  We never really figured it out.  But it was lots of fun!

A creepy skull.  I think he's kind of cute. 
Mo got the binky
A screwdriver, yo! 

Each team had 5 items to find.  Rich was smart....he just did the items.  We were posing with them---you know cause we rocked it.   Other items included:  a dozen eggs and Jergens Lotion. 


Emmy said...

What a fun idea! And posing is so much cooler :)

Richard said...

I think both teams sent their last items simultaneously and were received the same way, so we declared it a tie.

Jingle said...

it is great to see your girl having with you,,,
what a sweet day for both of you.