Monday, September 27, 2010

Party Time!

Party Number One of TWO!  
Because when you turn 13, it's a pretty big deal.
Playing Minute to win it games.  This one involved an empty tissue box with ping pong balls inside.  It is attached at the waist and the person tries to get them all out in 60 seconds or less without using their hands.

A lot of different techniques were used.
Back Bends
Even handstands

No party is complete without silly string!
 Fun was had
It didn't even matter that it was over 100!
The tongue helps with focus.
Yeah it was hot!
This teen had an awesome time!

Party number two was family.  I didn't get as many pictures there.  But still a good time was had.

Love that baby!
An autographed picture of Taylor Lautner
Do you recognize those kids with Kristin!  Love them too!  All in all it was a very busy and crazy day.  And I know the Lord gave me strength to get through that day without falling apart or DOWN!  hahaha.  It was a lot of fun.  I do believe I will not do two parties in one day again if I can help it.  

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KK said...

Well you have to go all out for 13!