Monday, September 13, 2010

Birthday Celebration

We finally celebrated my birthday over the weekend.  It was a fun time with family and friends...friends who are family!   I was treated to a yummy dinner that my mom and sister made.  And cake that was somewhat Weight Watcher friendly.   Can you say presents???  Oh yeah!  So can I.  I got:  a necklace and earrings to match that my sister made.  Really pretty.  She also got me a stylin' blouse...size medium than you very much!  Yes, it fits.  My aunt sewed me a beautiful pillow case.  My mom got me a dvd of Blazing Saddles.  I have not seen it.  Yeah, I know.  She also got me a little Halloween snow globe to add to my growing collection. 

But that is not all....

Emmy brought me flowers.  It was so cute, she let Lucas bring them to me.
 She also supported my vice. And earlier in the week she took me to breakfast.  The only kid present...Ryder.  He slept.
My MIL sent me a gift card for Micheal's.  So far I have bought this yummy candle and something else not to be disclosed at this time.  I still have a lot left on the card, just trying to come up with a cool project.  Any thoughts?
All in all it was a fun birthday with lots of laughter and happy sounds!


KK said...

I'm glad you got to celebrate so much! You deserve it!

Emmy said...

Yes it was a fun night. And Lucas begged to carry in the flowers :)