Monday, May 3, 2010

Super Fun with Super Heroes

Did you know that May 1st was "Free Comic Book Day."  Yeah me either.  The only reason I knew about it at all was I happened to be listening to the radio and heard a commercial for a local comic book store.  They would be having raffles, door busters, and special appearances by Spider-Man, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, and other heroes and villains.   Well I just happen to know someone who loves Spider-Man.  And I thought it would be loads of fun to go and to this event.  With Rich out of town for the weekend, my mom offered to accompany me.  Then, my sister wanted to come for the photo op.  I was bringing my camera, but it's always good to have a back up plan.

When we got there, they had some Star Wars and DC Comic people strolling around outside in the parking lot.  They were having raffles every thirty minutes.  We never won.  But every one who showed up got a free slice of pizza and a small drink at the neighboring pizzeria.  I also discovered a used book store that is having a special deal for military folks the whole month of May!  Score!

Photo By Cathy K. (my sis)
Do not let this guy catch you taking his picture.
Photo By Cathy K.
Photo By Cathy K.
I don't blame Ryan for being nervous...Darth Vader was HUGE!
Photo By Cathy K.

Photo By Cathy K.
Ryan was so excited to meet Spider-Man!  I really thought he was going to make it.  Spider-Man tried to win him over.  
Did you know Spider-Man could make balloon creations too???
Photo By Kristin

Girls like Spider-Man too.

If you are wondering what is on their faces, they wrote super hero names on their cheeks.
What's a day out without some face painting?

Or arm painting if you wish.
*Photos not credited were taken by me.


Carolynn said...

After watching Ryan's excitement at getting to meet Spriderman, then seeing his concern when it was his turn, don't you wonder what must be going on in a his head.

It was a different and fun day.

KK said...

I love Star Wars, how fun!

Emmy said...

Cute pictures! That looks like such a fun day... Too bad Ryan got a little scared