Monday, April 5, 2010

My Pictures

I realized that lately I haven't been sharing very many photos on my main blog.  So, in order to share and give myself ONE more thing to manage I created this blog to share my pictures.  It is also for family members who don't live close to come and see the kids.

 We went to the "Rod Run"  last month.  Ryan loves cars.
The kids "called" just about every car they saw.
Silly girls...they think they can call the Mustang.  Nice try.
The highlight:  Trying on sunglasses
Low rider!!
A nature walk through the greenbelt in our neighborhood.
Is this somebody's home...or WAS it somebody's home?
Dying Easter eggs
It takes a lot of focus
Even Daddy makes his traditional Coast Guard egg.

I have more from Easter, but since I used the "raw' setting it saved the file differently so now I have to go back and make the necessary changes.  I don't think I will post as many pictures next time, as I did now.  I also don't know how often I will be posting. 


Emmy said...

Cute pics! Yeah, it is hard to not let things like this take over the main blog.. but you do want to share.

I have a private blog with Eric's family that we share extra pictures, etc. So that is how we do it

KK said...

Looks fun.