Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Nutcracker

Ryan was in his very first school production tonight.  I was really worried he would chicken out.  But he did it.  And he was so cute.  And I'm not just saying that either!  It's a long running tradition (17 years) actually at their school that the kindergarten classes do The Nutcracker.  It is my very favorite.  I have loved it since I was very young.  And tonight made me love it more.  Ryan's group was the Arabian Dancers.  I originally thought he was the Russian dancer group, but they wanted the kids to wear bright colors and baggy Aladdin. 

Can you see that yellow hat?  Front shirt black vest.  Yeah that's him.
I wish I could have gotten closer.
Swaying back and forth.  And then...
They swayed the other way! haha.  So fun.
See the yellow hat now?  hahaha

All in all, despite the cold temps-- it was done outside--it was well worth it.  All the kids were adorable.

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Emmy said...

That does look like a fun show